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String Ventures is an early-stage investment firm founded on the principle of using AI and exponential technology to not only provide financial capital but transformative capabilities to firms.

Our Portfolio

Stealth Companies

HEalth data platform
EdTech AI
Digital Upskilling


Exponential Tech Expertise Platform

String offers an unparalleled expertise in use of AI & Exponential Technologies to transform their business. This includes a Tech SWAT team of:

AI & Data Scientists
Software Engineers
UI/UX experts
Cloud Infrastructure
  • AI & Data Scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • UI/UX experts
  • Cloud Infrastructure

and much more...

STRING Operating System

String Operating System is an option but powerful pre-built startup operating system to help startups accelerate without losing focus on their mission, customers and products.

It has plug-n-play processes, KPIs, templates, references, tools and knowledge base  that covers

  • Transformation
  • Team & Culture
  • Go To Market
  • Product
  • Capital
  • Operations

Exceptional TeamS

String Tech Team

Our in-house technical teams with deep expertise in  ‘difficult to find skills’ fill immediate gaps at our portfolio companies.

  • AI/ML ExpoTech Business Model Expertise
  • Exponential Tech Architects
  • AI/ML Software Engineers
  • Blockchain Software Developers
  • Data Engineers
  • User Experience Experts
  • Infrastructure and Security Experts
  • Software Developers
  • Backend Developers

String Business Team

Our team also  includes domain and functional experts with real-life start-up, scaling and exiting experience. Our team delivers functional expertise in every facet of startup operations, from hiring, to fundraising, to culture development, to sales & marketing.

  • Interim Leaderships if there is a need – iCEO | iCTO | iCFO | iCOO
  • Business Model and Financial Models Experts
  • Sales and Marketing Experts
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Experts
  • Support Teams

String Ecosystem Partner Teams

Our extended teams include specialized skills from our partners from our extensive global ecosystem.

Transformative Expertise  =  Massive Value

Transformative impact via our AI & Exponential Tech, Business Models & Positioning, Mentoring, Eco-system for Start-ups

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